How to Create Your Perfect Elevator Pitch in 7 steps

Elevator pitch was always so challenging for me..

When someone asked me “So what do you do?” – I had no idea what to say. Because I was always
doing so many things that it would be hard to fit everything into a small speech.
After speaking to Sarah Bauling on my IDEAS+LEADERS podcast, I had so many insights on
how to create a perfect pitch, so here is mine:
Hi, my name is Elena and I am an executive communication coach, TEDx organizer and an
assistant professor.I support business professionals in communicating with clarity and
confidence, so that they can achieve more in business. My clients are managers and business
owners who want to be perceived as leaders and want to be better communicators. During my
individual and group programs they understand that they don’t need to be professional speakers
to be perceived as a credible leader – they can just be their authentic selves. My methods are very
effective because they are evidence-based and science-based, comprising my 15+ years of
business experience, 7 years of TEDx experience and my academic background. Drop me a DM –
I would love to connect with you!

 Did you notice the main elements? Here they are:
1) Who are you?
2) What do you do?
3) Who do you serve?
4) What problem do you solve?
5) What method do you use?
6) Why you?
7) Call to action
Check out episode 8 of IDEAS+LEADERS podcast to create your elevator pitch!