Want to Be More Credible in Business? Here is What You Should Do!

Do you want to establish your credibility in business? Let me share with you several things you can do in order to become trusted by your peers and your clients:

  1. Share your knowledge. Share your expertise via different platforms – social media, blogging, podcasting, writing articles and books. The more you are spreading your message and knowledge, the more you are perceived as an expert and thus your credibility is increasing.
  2. Demonstrate your achievements. Don’t be too modest about your achievements – make sure to share your previous wins in the industry. Do you have diplomas, certifications, contests won, participation in voluntary work, non-profit organisations? Everything counts!
  3. Be consistent. Make sure to show up consistently for your audience you want to be credible for. For example, since I started my podcast IDEAS+LEADERS, I have been posting one episode weekly no matter how my business is going or how good I feel. Being there consistently for your audience – whether it is a podcast, a blog or a social media post – is a key in increasing your credibility.
  4. Be natural. As a communication coach, I always tell my clients “Don’t try to be someone else – be yourself instead”. It is great to have role models but you can not become someone else as all the other roles are already taken. You can only work on your own unique style and become a better version of yourself.
  5. Become a TEDx speaker. I have been organising TEDx conferences for 7 years. What I constantly see is that TEDx speakers can boost their credibility after their talk so much, if only they are leveraging the platform. Make sure to write “TEDx speaker” on all your platforms after you are done and to promote your talk.


If you need support with finding ideas for your TEDx talk and getting booked for a TEDx event – book an appointment with me and let’s discuss how I can support you with this.