How to Become a Confident Speaker?

Is it possible to practice this skill or do you have to be born this way?
Well, I am sure that you can work on your confidence muscle in many different ways:

1) Practice, practice, practice. Get out of your comfort zone, speak at the Toastmasters club,
commit to making regular live videos, present whenever you have the opportunity.
2) Ask for feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback – ask what you are doing well and
what you could improve in the future.
3) Watch TED talks. There are thousands of TED and TEDx talks that can help you to
develop your communication and public speaking skills.
4) Find a coach or/and a mentor. Get yourself a coach with whom you can work on your
skills, who can bring you out of your comfort zone and take you to the next level.
Do you think that you are confident enough? Then consider sharing your ideas from the TEDx
stage. Contact me if you need support in becoming a TEDx speaker.