On Starting Your Business and Building a High Performance Culture - Myles Anderson

In this episode I am speaking with Myles Anderson about his business journey and valuable entrepreneurship tips.

Myles is the CEO and Co-founder of BrightLocal, a technology company with a mission to help marketers become brilliant at local search marketing.

Founded in 2009, BrightLocal is an independent, bootstrapped business with a focus on profitable, long-term growth. Growing at a rate of 20% a year, BrightLocal now serves over 6,000 customers, earns $9 million ARR and employs 190 people across the UK, Ukraine and Philippines.

As CEO, Myles’s daily focus is on expanding the leadership capabilities throughout the business, fostering a deep sense of accountability at every level and strengthening the highly supportive company culture that aims to make BrightLocal the best place that any employee will ever work.

You can contact Myles HERE.

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