On Revitalizing Manufacturing - Jason Azevedo

In the episode 91 of IDEAS+LEADERS podcast I am speaking with Jason Azevedo about starting and running a manufacturing business. Tune in for an amazing inspiration for action.

Jason Azevedo has had his heart in business development since an early age, starting a very successful apparel company that grew from humble garage beginnings to annual gross billings of over a million dollars at age 15. By 18 Jason was doing millions in business with Starbucks, Nike, Disney, Marvel, Volkswagen, Audi, Lucas films, Dodgers and countless NBA teams.

In 2009, Jason co-founded Advoque, one of the only US based manufacturers located in SIlicon Valley, California. His emphasis on Made In America is a driving force for how the various companies he’s co-founded operate. 

You can contact Jason HERE

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