Starting the Journey to Building a Dynamic Personal Brand - Alec Hanson

In this episode we are speaking with Alec Hanson about building a dynamic personal brand. Do you want to build one? Tune in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Alec Hanson is a contemporary leader within the Mortgage Industry. Constantly striving to improve, he began his career in origination in 2004 funding over $85M and was named Rookie of the Year by Scotsmanʼs Guide. Every subsequent year, Hanson landed on Scotsmanʼs Top 200 Originator list finishing his best year at $185M.

From there, Hanson began coaching and growing a successful branch network in Orange County with his peak year in 2010 funding over $1B at the branch level. Hanson has received HousingWireʼs Rising Star award both in 2017 and 2019 and National Mortgage Professional Magazineʼs Top 40 under 40 Achievers for the last 3 years running.

You can contact Alec HERE

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