Moving Your Business Online
The Art of Effective Online Communication – with Kealan Harrington

Moving Your Business Online. The Art of Effective Online Communication

Kealan Harrington owns and operates Going The Ultra Mile, his media company that supports entrepreneurs transitioning into careers that fulfill and align them with their values, passion and purpose. When he’s not busy working, or training, Kealan is busy writing part of his upcoming trilogy of books or spending time with family.

Despite his many adversities in life, time spent in The Irish Army, Naval Service and French Foreign Legion helped Kealan develop an unparalleled physical and mental toughness, proof being his many athletic and martial arts endeavours and achievements. These include teaching close quarter combat to military and law enforcement personnel and completing 2000 sit-ups and 90-minutes’ worth of a plank in 7 hours and 15 minutes. In 2019, Kealan ran nine (separate) one hundred mile courses over nine weeks to raise money for several charities; an incredible feat of stamina that did not go unnoticed by media outlets. 

In this episode Kealan talks about online communication for your business. We cover the topics:

– What do we need to do if we want to develop business in the online world? What are the first steps?

– What is the basic equipment we need to have to start producing content online?

– Which social media platforms are recommended to start communicating our business online?

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