Josh Little - How to Meet Less and Communicate More

In this episode we are speaking with Josh Little about the way to meet less and communicate more. How to combat the Zoom fatigue and organise our communication in a more productive way.

Josh Little is the founder of four tech companies–Maestro, Bloomfire, Quizzer, and Volley–that have collectively been

used by hundreds of millions of people and featured in TechCrunch, Mashable, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Forbes. With

two successful exits and a third anticipated, he’s currently on a mission to help remote team communication suck less with his fourth creation, Volley–a video messaging app.

Depending on what circle you run in, you may know Josh better for his pickles, performances, or projects–as he is a

5th generation pickler, a classically trained singer, and a mechanically-minded YouTuber.

You can contact Josh HERE