On Employee Engagement and Accountability - Molly McGrath

In this episode of IDEAS+LEADERS podcast I am speaking with Molly McGrath about employee engagement and accountability. How can we make sure that our teams step up and take ownership of the goals? Listen to this interesting conversation to find out.

Since the late nineties, Molly has coached, consulted and directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 4,000 law firms in executive-level leadership, continuous improvement, and team empowerment initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leveraging partner ecosystems and producing profitability. Molly has 25 years of specific skillset experience serving as a Fractional CEO, CMO marketing, factional CEO, conversation intelligence coaching, team development & leadership, employee empowerment, intrapreneur talent acquisition, Kaizen leadership, root cause analysis, revenue mapping, and action-based project management.

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