Are You Ready to Speak at the TEDx Stage?

Is speaking at TEDx on your bucket list?As a TEDx organizer for 7 years I know that in order to speak at the magical red dot you need to have
an idea worth spreading. Do you have one? Let’s do what I am always doing with my clients at the first coaching session – let’s check your idea.
Now stop reading for a moment and write down your idea that you want to share from the TEDx stage…

 Are you ready? Let’s go!
1. Now look at your idea and answer sincerely – is it new? Was it shared before? On the TED stage or maybe in the book that you have read recently? If it is
something that is not that new or doesn’t have a new innovative angle to it, it might be hard for you to get accepted as a TEDx speaker. What are you bringing to this topic, what is your own unique input?
2. Are you credible to speak about this topic? Did you conduct research on this topic? Did you write something about it – books, articles, blog? Do you have professional experience in this field? Do you have a podcast on this topic? Are you an expert? And how can you prove it?
3. Is it based on facts/evidence? Can your idea be backed up by scientific research? By facts? Statistics? How can you prove it? TED is very strict about ideas that cannot be proven by science (energy healing etc.) It doesn’t mean that the topic is not interesting – it is just not for a TED stage.
4. Now let’s answer the last question – is your idea interesting for your audience?

Is it relevant for your local audience at this moment of time? Is it interesting for the broader audience? For someone outside your inner circle? How it will help them, support them, change their lives? How was your test? How many YES-es do you have? If you don’t have all YESes – don’t worry! It only means that you still need to work on your idea a bit before applying for TEDx. Let me know via email – are you ready for the TEDx stage? What is your big
idea that is worth spreading? Looking forward to your answer!